Get to know FinUA

Background was founded the first day of the war in Ukraine in 2022 as volunteer online project. We are Ukrainians and Finns living in Finland. We registered 10.07.2023 as FinUA-yhdistys ry, a non-profit association to address informational needs of Ukrainians in Finland.


Mission of FinUA is to provide checked and up-to-date information and volunteer support for Ukrainians coming to Finland as the result of Russian invasion: we want to dispatch people to correct organizations and workers to support their arrival and integration on Finland.

How do we work? Principles of operation

πŸ’»Β Digital-first. We do not have an office. We operate completely online, using software.

πŸšͺ Single-door principle. We connect those who need help and those who give help as efficiently as possible, without additional links through our website.

🀝 Collaboration. FinUA is trying to be the best at dispatching people to the correct type of help. We accomplish our mission by collaborating with different NGOs, social workers and for-profits.

🟒 Accessibility. Everyone can access our platform online regardless of geo location, mobility and age.

πŸ”“Β Open source. Made with already existing tools, we streamline our process to ensure speed.

πŸ‘½Β Transparency. FinUA is a completely volunteer-based initiative. We support it with our own money. In a spirit of transparency, this is our accounting

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